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Bio Diesel Bloom Enhancer

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Bio Diesel Bloom Enhancer

Designed for increased essential oil production and heavier overall bud and flower size. Bio Diesel puts the biology back into hydroponic systems.

The original BIO DIESEL combines the best bloom stimulants mother nature has on offer. Sustainably sourced and manufactured, Bio Diesel is made by blending fully digested vegetable proteins, complex sugars, Fulvic and Amino acids suspended in a triple filtered micronized guano solution.


  • Creates a better plant biology and feeds beneficial microbes to enhance nutrient solubilising and disease protection.
  • Natural Phosphorous for enhanced uptake and nutrient compatibility.
  • Complex Sugars deliver carbohydrates by the truckload for more weight and size!
  • Enhanced essential oil production and Terpene content for deeper natural taste and flavour.
  • Creates more flowering sites that contain heavy bloom throughout the plant.
  • Increased potency and medicinal value.
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients.
  • Helps stabilise the pH of nutrient solutions.



  • BLOOM STAGE WEEK 1 - 3: Add Bio Diesel to your nutrient solution at 2ml per Litre. Continue to use with every watering at this strength until the end of the third week of flower.
  • BLOOM STAGE WEEK 4 -6: Add Bio Diesel to your nutrient solution at 5ml per Litre. Continue to use at this strength until the end of week 6 of bloom.
  • Stop using Bio Diesel with 1-2 weeks to go to allow your plants to stop developing more new bud and properly ripen before harvest.


Available in 1L and 5L

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