Aqua One Heater 55W

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Aqua One Heater 55W

Keeping the water temperature constant in your aquarium is absolutely essential for the longevity and comfort or all living beings within it. With the Aqua One Glass Heater, you will be given accurate information about the water temperature which can be easily adjusted with the thermostat that goes from 20°C to 34°C. This economical heater is completely submersible and is fitted with double insulation.

When the light comes on to indicate that the heater is working and currently heating up the water, relax and worry not about the comfort of your fish, Aqua One's Glass Heater has it covered. As soon as your desired temperature is reached, the heater automatically switches off, saving you a lot in electricity bills.

Wattage: 55W
Voltage: 230V
Length: 20.5cm
Length of cable: 1.8m


  • It is important to follow the safety guidelines as set out in the instruction manual contained within the packaging of this product.
  • Do not have the heater plugged in whilst out of water.
  • This product is not intended for use by children or infirm persons without supervision.
  • Do not use the appliance for reasons other than the intended use.
  • The use of attachments that are not recommended or sold by the manufacturer may cause the product to be unsafe and should be avoided.
  • Always disconnect the heaters power supply prior to working on the aquarium.
  • The heater should not come in contact with the gravel or substrate.

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