Aqua One Infinity Air Pump

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Aqua One Infinity Air Pump

Infinity pumps, essential aeration for your aquarium

The Aqua One Infinity AP line is a small, single/double outlet air pump capable of running an air stone of up to 10cm, small sponge filter  or aerating ornament . Due to their unique, long life diaphragm the Aqua One Infinity Series Air pumps all carry a three year warranty - no other air pump manufacturer is so confident in its products.

◾ Single outlet
◾ 100L per hour flow rate
◾ Very Low energy usage
◾ 3 year warranty

Aqua One's Brand New Infinity Air Pump Series

The Brand New Infinity Air pump range from Aqua One combine huge value with decent output and superb long warranty period. A strong chassis and unique diaphragm material mean that you will be able to rely on these low cost pumps year after year.



Aquariums up to

Air Output

Speed Control

No. of Outlets


Infinity AP-1500R 10-100 litres 100 l/h No 1 240v/50Hz
Infinity AP-2500 20-200 litres 200 l/h Yes 2 240v/50Hz
Infinity AP-7500 200-400 litres 2 x 200 l/h Yes 2 240v/50Hz
Infinity AP-9500 400-700 litres 2 x 280 l/h Yes 2 240v/50Hz

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