Bluelab EC Truncheon

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Bluelab EC Truncheon

The Bluelab Truncheon is their world-famous commercial nutrient meter. Super tough, fully waterproof and no calibration required! Farmers from all over the world will tell you that their truncheon is their number one hydroponic tool! It is the most utilised hydroponic accessory for both commercial and hobby farmers.  The Bluelab Truncheon measures how much dissolved solids (food) is in the water for your plants to absorb. It displays this data in CF/PPM/PPM700 and EC. Bluelab is a New Zealand based manufacturer that have been engineering and building water measuring technology for over 30 years! 

Correct pH allows your crop to uptake nutrients efficiently. Without monitoring your pH and EC levels, you're essentially growing blind. pH is a measurement of the acidity or alkalinity of an aqueous solution and should always be monitored in hydroponic/aquaponic systems to ensure that your plants are able to uptake nutrients effectively. EC is a measurement of the conductivity of water, or the amount of dissolved mineral nutrients in a solution. 


  • Fully waterproof 
  • Auto on/off function 
  • No calibration required 
  • Daylight readable blue LED’s 
  • Battery operated 
  • No buttons, switches or knobs 
  • Provided with EC, CF, ppm 700 and ppm 500 scales 


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