Power Plant 130W CFL Bulb

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Power Plant 130W CFL Bulb

The Powerplant CFL Grow Light White comes in 85W, 130W and 250W sizes. These CFL grow lights are energy saving horticultural lamps for superior plant growth. There is an integrated ballast so no external ballast is required. The CFL power lead will plug straight into wall. The screw thread on the CFL lamp is an E40 thread fitting which is larger than household E21 fittings. It is recommended to use a CFL lampholder or EnviroGro CFL Reflector to mount and power the lamps, vertically or horizontally. These 85W, 130W and 250W CFL’s (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) have minimal heat generation and a 10,000 hour lamp life.

CFL Lamps are Suitable For:
– Supplementary lighting
– Side lighting
– Mother plants
– Propagation

Powerplant CFL Grow Light Colour Temperatures
These Powerplant 85W, 130W and 250W CFL’s come with the following lighting temperature:

6400K (White) – Suitable for propagation and growth
We also have Powerplant CFL’s available with the following colour temperatures:

2700K (Red) – Suitable for flowering
14000K (Purple) – Suitable for propagation and cuttings/cloning

Note: The 250W CFL lamps are heavy at 1.3kg, so we highly recommend the EnviroGro CFL Reflector to for horizontal mounting. They sag the mounts in cheaper reflectors.

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