Current Culture UC Solo Pro 13

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Current Culture UC Solo Pro 13

The Current Culture UC Solo 13 provides seriously rapid growth in a huge 50L growth module.All Current Culture kits are perfectly cut to size, and manufactured for durability. 


  • Grow area: 
  • Lighting: 
  • Veg Time: 2-3 weeks
  • System Dimension: 16" x 14" x 19"
  • Total System Volume: 38L
  • Power Usage: 2 watts
  • Air Pump(s): SS7
  • Module Size: 13 gallons


  • PRO Growth Module – 13 gallon solid ABS
  • PRO Lid with (1) Port Holes – solid ABS
  • CCH2O Lid 
  • CCH2O Net Pot 
  • Professional grade air pump
  • Air pump adaptor
  • Air hose
  • Aqua-Pore PRO XL air diffuser 
  • CCH2O Drain Valve Kit
  • Cultured Solutions® (UC ROOTS, VEG A, VEG B) nutrients
  • Growstone® grow media samples
  • 1-Year Warranty


  • Prolific Yield Potential:
    • Increased growth rates produce larger overall plants and drastically reduced vegetative times
    • Higher productivity with fewer plants
  • Increased efficiency
    • High levels of aeration and constant circulation optimise plants nutrient uptake capacity
    • Conserves water and necessitates less frequent nutrient change-outs
  • Proven Nutrient Formula
    • Our Cultured Solutions premium plant nutrients are custom formulated specifically for the Under Current® system and high-performance hydroponics Cultured Solutions® are pH stable, clean and highly chelated
  • Reduced Maintenance
    • pH, EC/TDS and solution temperatures stay uniform throughout the entire system
    • Easily adaptable to pH/nutrient dosers, top-off reservoirs and water chillers

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