FloraFlex Flora Pipe Fitting - "Elbow"

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FloraFlex Flora Pipe Fitting - "Elbow"
FloraFlex Flora Pipe Fitting - "Elbow"

FloraFlex are bringing you the best accessories for hydroponic connoisseurs. Designed to maximise irrigation efficiency and water control, they can take your cultivation to the next level!

FloraFlex® Pipe Fitting Elbow (1” or 3/4”) is used for the last manifold on your PVC line. Glue your PVC to the Flora Pipe Fitting and then easily snap the Fitting into the Flora Valve.

Finish your PVC line with the Elbow Fitting on your last Manifold / Quick Disconnect Pipe System. Save up to 60% of water, nutrients, and time! Immediate improvisation and control over feeding.


  • Weight: .2 lbs
  • Dimensions: 7 x 4.5 x 1 in

    For more information, visit the FloraFlex website here. 

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