HI-PAR 600W Dynamic DE Control kit

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HI-PAR 600W Dynamic DE Control kit
HI-PAR 600W Dynamic DE Control kit
HI-PAR 600W Dynamic DE Control kit

The HI-PAR 600w Dynamic DE Control Kit utilises the most powerful 600w lighting solution, upgraded to include the new HI-PAR Control Technology. HI-PAR 600w kits have earned a strong reputation for their durability and formidable PAR output. 600w HI-PAR HID Digital Lighting provides the next generation agricultural lighting to home, medical and hobby farmers. Featuring the 600w Control ballast, EL (high frequency 400v) DE Horticultural lamps and MIRO Aluminium Dynamic Reflectors; HI-PAR Dynamic Control Kits are the perfect solution for heavy fruiting flowers! 


  • The 600w Dynamic DE Controllable kit is the most advanced 600w complete luminaire currently on the market!
  • Controllable, dimmable and compatible with the latest 400v lamp technology
  • Suitable for EL/400v/High-frequency lamps


  • Linkable with the HI-PAR Control Station for creative commercial solutions
  • Versatile: Can operate HPS/MH/HID lamps (240v or 400v)


  • Dynamic kits allow you to run the ballast remotely or as an all-in-one
  • Adjustable Reflector for customisable light output footprint


  • 400v HID (High Intensity Discharge)/ HPS (High Pressure Sodium) 
  • PPFD: 1138.3 average umol m-2 s-1 
  • (Tested @ 60cm height over 1.2m2 average) 
  • CRI: 37% 
  • Kelvin: 2000k
  • THD: <10% 
  • Lamp Life: >90% @ 10,000 hrs
  • Input 220-240v (50/60Hz)
  • Imax 3.0A 
  • PF >0.99 / CF <1.6
  • 12-Month limited warranty


  • 1 x HI-PAR 600w / 400v Controllable Ballast
  • 1 x 600w / 400v Double Ended (DE) HPS European Lamp
  • 1 x HI-PAR Double Ended Dynamic Reflector
  • 1 x HI-PAR Connect Link Cable 
  • 1 x HI-PAR Power Cable
  • 1 x HI-PAR 4.5m Reflector Extension Cord

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