HI-PAR Sunstorm 315W Pro Kit (Horizontal)

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HI-PAR Sunstorm 315W Pro Kit (Horizontal)
HI-PAR Sunstorm 315W Pro Kit (Horizontal)

HI-PAR 315w Sunstorm are our most popular kit, and are now available with HI-PAR CONTROL capability! This complete kit includes unique CMH 315w (PGZ) Sunstorm Reflector (available in vertical or horizontal globe mount), a 315w Horti bulb and newest 315w Digital CONTROL Ballast! Serious performance ceramic lighting! 

315w CMH Technology has been proven to provide more UV-A and UV-B than traditional MH lamps, ensuring better essential oil and resin production from your crop! 

HI-PAR Control allows for complete light timing, temperature and dimming management. Controlling up to 400 fixtures, the HI-PAR Control Station (sold separately) includes sunrise/sunset features, separate zone control and much more! 

The arc-tube within the globe is a Ceramic composite (hence Ceramic Metal Halide CMH) and burns hotter within the bulb. The resulting light output is higher quality and optimised for horticultural growth. Super energy efficiency and powerful results for your end harvest.

The Sunstorm Reflector is the most powerful design available specifically for 315w CMH bulbs. The reduced size of the arc-tube requires a specialised reflector shape and our R&D has ensured the most PAR light possible from your 315w ballast & bulb.

See the HI-PAR website for more information here


  • Kit includes 1 x 315w CMH CONTROL Ballast, 1 x 315w Horticultural Lamp, 1 x CMH Sunstorm Reflector and hangers.
  • CRI > 90% 
  • Kelvin: 3000k
  • PPFD: 856.61umol/s/m2 (Mean average result from grid trial at 60cm distance to canopy) 
  • THD: <10%
  • Lamp Life: >90% @ 20,000 hrs

315w CONTROL Ballast + 315w Reflector + 315w Horticultural CDM/CMH lamp!

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