Philips 315W CMH Bulb

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Philips 315W CMH Bulb
Philips 315W CMH Bulb

Philips are the market leader for Horticultural lighting solutions. Their 315w MasterColour has gained global notoriety for powerful cultivation results! Farmers are swapping their existing HID/HPS lights for CMH technology to reap all the benefits.

CMH Technology allows for lighting colour that is >90% similar to the sun light. Ensuring increases in essential oils, resin production and healthier, faster growth. 


  • Engineered Ceramic Arc Tube design
  • Double-Jacketed glass for safety
  • Horticulture specific Philips lamp - world renowned best lamps
  • PPFD: 850.93 umol/s/m2 (in HIPAR Sunstorm Kit @ 50cm)
  • THD <10% (in HIPAR Sunstorm Kit)
  • Kelvin 3000k
  • CRI >93%
  • Increases essential oil production 
  • PGZ18 Bulb Fixture for secure mounting
  • MasterColour 930/3000k – Used for vegetative and floral growth

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