Osram 600W 240V HPS Bulb

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Osram 600W 240V HPS Bulb

The OSRAM 600w lamp is our innovative 240v HPS workhorse! Designed with impeccable manufacturing processes (laser welding) and high-performance ceramics, this lamp is built to last and give you massive results. The Osram 600W Nav-T Super HPS Lamp is a bright single-spectrum lamp with a comparatively long life for use in the flowering stage. Heavy fruiting is assured with this excellent lamp.


  • Osram – a highly trusted and reliable brand
  • HPS lamp produces only orange/red light for heavy flowering
  • 90,000 lumens output
  • High lumen output per watt
  • Designed for longer life
  • 2000k
  • 25% CRI


The Osram 600W Nav-T Super HPS Lamp is a single-spectrum HPS lamp with 90,000 lumens output. The lamp only produces light in the orange/red part of the spectrum for heavy flowering. As no blue is produced this lamp is not suitable for vegetative growth. Osram Nav-T Super lamps are designed to have a slightly longer life than other HPS lamps.

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