Platinium HydroStar 4 (80 x 80)

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Platinium HydroStar 4 (80 x 80)
Platinium HydroStar 4 (80 x 80)
Platinium HydroStar 4 (80 x 80)

The Platinium HydroStar (80 x 80cm) is perfect for beginning with hydroponics at home! The Hydro Pro uses the same modular 80 x 80 base but utilises 4 x bigger (25L) pots for those growing heavier fruiting plants with a longer vegetative period.

Hydro Star 4 contains 4 independent 25L pots measuring 18x18x23cm that can be filled with expanded clay for a fast-growing recirculating hydroponic system!

Hydro Star systems can be easily converted into a variety of different hydroponic systems and styles, the only limit is your imagination! These systems can potentially be used for coco/hydro/soil/aero or even aquaponic cultivation! 

The reservoir tank holds 50L of nutrient solution and provides easy access with a removable door, this clever design also allows you to have a quick view of remaining water level!

Each pot can be served individually, allowing each plant watering as needed.

Each pot is also removable, making the system convenient and easy-to-use! 


  • A simple and very efficient system.
  • 50L Reservoir
  • Recommended pump size 400L/H - pump not included. 
  • Dimensions: 80x80x39cm
  • Installation in 3 minutes.
  • Guide included in the parts bag.

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