Sea Hawk Heating Mat

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Sea Hawk Heating Mat

Each flexible heat mat is double insulated to protect from water. The heat mats have a fixed temperature of 25°C which is perfect for the majority of seeds and cuttings. Heat dispersion plugs are included to provide an air gap between the heat mat and a surface. Please be aware that if you are already in a hot environment the heat mat will add from 5-10 degrees above ambient temperature. If you are in a hot climate you might find they are not even necessary in the summer months and anytime the room temperature is 25 degrees or above.

Small Heat Mat ("Standard" size)

  • Suits a small propagation tray
  • 380 x 280mm
  • 18W

Medium Heat Mat ("Universal" size)

  • Suits a medium propagation tray
  • 550 x 280mm
  • 25W

Large Heat Mat

  • Suits two small propagation trays or a single large tray
  • 644 x 350mm
  • 35W

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