Total Horticultral Concentrate Coco Lite Buffered Substrate 50L

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Total Horticultral Concentrate Coco Lite Buffered Substrate 50L

100% Natural Plant Mix
THC Coco is ideal for filling patio containers and flower boxes, re potting house plants and growing bedding plants and perennials, or as a soil improver.
Processed and manufactured under strict RHP Quality standards
Carefuly sived, aged, washed and buffered with Calcium and Magnesium to guarantee a safe growing substrate

German RHP certified Perlite
Increased optimum Air to Water ratio
Very low EC and stable pH
Very high air percentage for better rooting
Retains moisture and ensures a good distribution of moisture
More stable thanks to its slow degradation
Sustainable and 100% natural
Contains 80% organic matter for a good soil structure
Naturally contains Trichoderma

THC RHP Coco Pro Lite contains well over 50 Litres in each and every bag!
THC Coco is a fantastic growing medium. It has an exceptional capacity for absorbing and distributing water. It moreover shows no virtually no degradation, making it more stable than other organic substrates. This feature also enables the coco to retain its good drainage capacity for long time. Its high air percentage meanwhile allows very rapid root development. On top of all this, THC Coco can be secondarily used as soil improver.

Do Your Plants a Favour and Grow them in THC RHP Certified Buffered Coco Pro Lite!

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