Turboklone T144

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Turboklone T144
Turboklone T144
Turboklone T144

The Turboklone T144 is the big boss of aeroponic cloning technology. Featuring 144 cloning sites for commercial users, these are seriously powerful units. Designed for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use, the T144 will churn out cuttings as fast as you need them! 

Turboklone is the original and the best aeroponic propagation system. Built without compromise, it quickly expedites the root development process for hardwood and softwood cuttings. 

Ideal for nursery production, commercial gardeners and gardening enthusiasts, Turboklone will change how you reproduce plants! Ideal for those who want fast, sterile and reliable cloning techniques to increase productivity and profits! 

The neoprene collars can be reused and easily interchanged if needed. 


The key difference is the fresh airflow with their patented fan system technology. This controls the climate in the reservoir and surrounding the unit. Ensuring healthy and happy cuttings, every single time! Fresh air mixes with H2O to maximise aeration levels. The cool ambient air blows across the reservoir removing excess heat and creating ideal conditions for roots to flourish.


  • Integrated fan = cooler temperatures and more oxygen
  • Rounded edges for simple cleaning and sterile workplace practices
  • Powerful aeration system to ensure all cuttings are evenly sprayed
  • Available in 4 different sizes for your convenience! 

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