Bio Diesel Marine CaMg+

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Bio Diesel Marine CaMg+

Natural sea ingredients including crustacean derived calcium and magnesium from ancient sea bed deposits. Marine CaMg+ contains cytokinins from deep water kelp extracts, laden with cytokinins to boost lateral branching, and speed up cell division increasing overall plant growth rates. Marine CaMg+ also contains added Nitrogen and is very efficient at instantly treating deficiencies in N, Ca, Mg fast, in as little as 24hrs. Marine CaMg+ is most suited to Coco Fibre and Hydroponic systems but can also be used less frequently in soil or as a foliar spray to 'green up' plants when required.


  • Bigger, healthier plants with stronger lateral branching
  • Contains natural Plant Growth Promotants (PGPs) for increased cell division
  • Increased tolerance to environmental stress, pests and disease.
  • Faster growth rates and shorter vegetative cycles
  • Fast acting on nutrient deficiencies of Ca, Mg or N
  • Highly concentrated solution

MARINE CaMg+is also a perfect Foliar Spray for a fast acting vegetative boost or to quickly correct nutrient deficiencies in as little as 24/48 hrs as soon as the nutrient pathways are clear.



  • Add 0.25 - 1ml per Litre of nutrient solution depending on plant stage.
  • Apply to nutrient tank at the rate of 1ml per Litre after mixing your base nutrient solution.


  • 1ml per Litre foliar sprayed on both sides of canopy once per week during Vegetative Growth after lights have gone off. BIG PLANTS LOVE THIS!


(Nitrogen, Calcium, Magnesium, Boron + Trace elements)

  • Flush coco fibre or growing media with crystal clear to remove any build ups.
  • Foliar Spray at 1ml per Litre and adjust nutrient to 0.5EC until lush new growth returns.


Available in 1L and 5L 

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