Cyco Platinum Series pH 4.0 Solution

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Cyco Platinum Series pH 4.0 Solution

The most common reasons for pH meter error is dry storage of the electrode and electrode contamination. These cause loss of accuracy, reduced performance and slower response times.

Avoid placing pH electrodes in harsh chemicals especially those of high concentration or extreme pH e.g. pH Up. These can damage electrodes or increase the need for electrode maintenance.

Thoroughly clean the electrode after use and always store your pH meter with the cap firmly in place.

Frequency of meter calibration is crucial and will optimize your pH meter’s performance.

For calibration of pH Meters at pH 4.0
pH Buffer 4.0 @ 25° C (77° F)
Based on international (APHA) standard formula

    Usage Instructions

    Rinse electrode in distilled water and gently shake off excess water. Immerse electrode in calibration solution 7.0 for at least 2 minutes then adjust so the meter reads 7.0. Finally, to ensure accuracy, repeat the procedure with calibration solution 4.0 adjusting so the meter reads 4.0.

    To prevent contamination of this solution, decant a portion into a smaller container and discard once used.

    Never place electrodes in the bottle.

    Use sparingly – add drops to nutrient solution a little at a time, stir the solution and continue to test pH levels.

    Repeat application until desired pH level is achieved. The quantity required for pH adjustment will vary depending on the nutrient strength and the purity of your water.

    Store in a cool dark place

    Guaranteed Analysis: for Calibration Solution pH 4.0
    Active Ingredients:
    Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate

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