House & Garden Top Booster

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House & Garden Top Booster

House & Garden Top Booster is an extremely powerful flowering stimulator which will amaze the grower. Top Booster acts on the basis of PK13-14 but with the added benefits of Eddha-Fe (Iron). Iron has been proven to reduce chlorosis in leaves and triggers the production of autumn hormones, namely ethylene, to promote faster floral development and to regulate the ripening of fruit. This also slows vertical development and encourages tighter internodal spacing. Top Booster ensures that your crop receives the perfect ratio of PK nutriment for increased fruit set development and fruit bulking. 

Production horticulture studies have shown that plants utilise less Nitrogen (N) and thrive when given precisely calculated increases in Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) during the generative (floral) period of growth. This accounts for the reduction in leaf and stem growth as more energy is directed towards the flower sites. 

Top Booster can be used in any kind of hydroponic or soil cultivations, use in week 5 of flower for the best results.


  • 1.5ml/L


  • Use Top Booster four weeks before harvest

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