Hy-Gen Hydro Growth Single Part

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Hy-Gen Hydro Growth Single Part

HY-GEN® HYDRO GROWTH is a vegetative, growth stage specific nutrient. It’s suitable for NFT (Nutrient Film Technique), expanded clay, perlite and other soil-less substrates. Single part nutrients have been carefully manufactured using balanced density advanced ion chemistry. They have the same analysis as our two-part Hydro nutrients without compromising calcium, phosphorous or sulphur levels. HYDRO GROWTH nutrients also work well as foliar sprays.

Nutrient levels are carefully formulated to ensure that all major and minor trace elements are optimised for maximum availability. These elements ensure rapid stem and leaf growth while accommodating the plant’s changing nutrient requirements during the transition into early flowering.

Calcium is responsible for maintaining strong cell structure and vigour. During the late growth stage adequate levels ensure that a high number of flowers are produced and retained by the plant. The lack of calcium can lead to a high number of flowers aborting before they can transition into the fruiting stage, giving poor results.

HY-GEN® HYDRO GROWTH meets plants requirements throughout growth and is designed for use during the first stages of flowering. Use it in conjunction with       HY-GEN® HYDRO BLOOM to guarantee an optimal transition. It’s important to have a growth specific and flower specific nutrient to guarantee outstanding results.

Use one single bottle for grow and one single bottle for bloom. 


  • Use HY-GEN® HYDRO GROWTH during the growth stage and until buds and fruit have started to form.
  • To ensure maximum performance, regularly test and flush your system to prevent nutrient and plant waste build up.

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